Scandal – Scandal (1982)

Scandal EP cover
Scandal EP cover

At about the time I was in the 10th grade, it seemed that every would be teen female rocker wanted to sound and look like Pat Benatar (or Stevie Nicks). For those with less mainstream visual aspirations the field was wide open with any number of punk or si-fi inspired sounds to choose from.
Somewhere firmly in the middle of these choices was the look and sound of Scandal. While their 5 song EP’s cover made them look decidely punk, especially their cute lead singer Patty Smyth, they sounded more like nearly every other pop-rock band with Pat Benatar or The Pretenders as influences.

For an EP, Scandal was loaded with catchy well crafted rock songs. Two of its melodic tracks became hits. ‘Love’s Got a Line On You’ was the classic rock-pop song with a street-smart Smyth providing Benatar inspired visuals in a popular music video. The second single “Good Bye To You’ sounded vaugly like a 1950s song, as did many pop songs of the ’80s.

It was Smyth’s punk/rock alley girl charm that made the band’s videos favorites on the new music video channels. Looks and stage appeal were not all the band had going for them as they merged arena rock which was tilll popular by the early eighties with new wave which was becoming a force on the pop charts in America.

There were considerabe heavy weights from the arena rock world involved in the production and writng of some of the album’s songs including Bryan Adams and Paul Dean of Loverboy. The track they collaborated on ‘Win Some, Lose Some’ was the albums final single in 1983. That was enough to push Scandal to the top 40 pop charts where the EP remained on the charts, even after the band’s first full length album The Warrior appeared in 1982.


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