Forever Now – Psychedelic Furs (1982)

Forever Now album cover (US version)
Forever Now album cover (US version)

Back when college radio was a growing force in defining the musical underground, the Psychedelic Furs was one of its early champions. Already a favorite in dorms around the country, Forever Now, their third album would find the Furs at their underground peak and the first album to make some commercial headway in America. The Todd Rundgren produced album helped refine the post punk sound the band had since the late 70’s. “Love My Way”, the Furs first charting US single would exemplify a sound that was not unlike the Boomtown Rats or David Bowie at times. The song’s music video showcased the bands rough elegance showing banks of keyboards atop what looked like water while the band’s leader Richard Butler did his best David Bowie-like dances. While ghetto people might have thought Butler was having a seizure, his style of dancing would become more common with a growing crop of “new wave” acts.

Breaking into the US Hot 100 paled to the success the band had in their native England. Still, to fans of a certain age who tuned in college radio, the Furs had become a familiar fixture, if not for the strength of Forever Now alone. Songs like “President Gas”, “Alice’s House” and “Sleep Comes Down” would be cornerstones of the relatively new radio format. The popularity of the furs would explode a few years later once John Hughes chose their song Pretty In Pink for his film of the same name. By then the target audience for the film was already familiar with the Furs from their college years.

Forever Now might be the best of the chart friendly Furs albums while still under the veil of the underground. Later releases would attempt a more pop sound, even venturing into straight up rock, but Forever Now is the Furs at their scruffy arty underground best.


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